Cut outs #21

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The most innovative startups in the World? The World Economic Forum thinks so.

How to deliver Agile at Scale. A nice perspective on some of the challenges and considerations for applying Agile in a large organisation.

And staying on the Agile theme… How Agile methodology can help in turnaround situations.

Expanding into new territories: Lyft buys largest bike sharing company in the US.

What it takes to manage innovation: an in-depth study from CapGemini.

Few industries are experiencing as much change as retail at the moment. Here’s a round-up of the factors shaping the industry.




Cut outs #20

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The State of AI: An extensive study on where we’re at, led by the founder of Songkick and a Venture Partner from Point Nine Capital.

Being human: How realistic do we want robots to be?

We learn the most when things go wrong: corporate innovation and 132 of the greatest product failures

Bad behaviour in the Platform Economy: what does it mean and why does it matter

Creative tension: why too much team harmony can kill creativity

Why your attitude is more important than your intelligence

Big names, big ideas: The Creative Leaders 50


Cut outs #19

Northern Lights by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

Mood music: Can music listening trends be used to predict economic shifts

Making diversity work: Some good insights into the challenges and rewards of building a diverse workplace

VR & Learning: A great application of VR technology to help children learn about the environment

Why Fail: We hear lots of talk about the importance of failure, but what do we really gain from the experience. Some personal reflections from an entrepreneur with experience

Accelerators & Incubators: Rising in popularity and abundance. Some perspectives on how they work in consumer markets

People don’t change

When I had my first foreign language lessons at school, the first thing everyone did when they got their hands on a dictionary was to look up all the rude words.

Yesterday I was at a party and a friend was telling me about the new Amazon Echo he’d just bought. The first thing he did once he’d got it all set-up was to find out what rude words it could say.

The technology changes, but people don’t.

The more I know, the more I realise how little I know

Horizons: there’s a lot to explore

When I started my MBA in 2014, I had a naïve idea that when the course ended I’d be ‘complete’. I’d graduate with a knowledge of business and enough career experience to make me the ‘finished article’ – ready for anything the business world could throw at me.

Actually, the more experience I gain, the more I realise how little I know and how much more there is to learn.

Now, hardly a day goes by without me talking to someone who gives me a new perspective or insight I hadn’t considered before. They could be a professional with 30+ years of experience, or a student fresh out of school, experts with reams of qualifications and people who’ve learnt their craft on the job. There’s always something to take away from the conversation that I didn’t know or that makes me think differently. So perhaps one of the best lessons I’ve learnt is humility and the value of openness.

And maybe that’s what being ready really means.

Cut outs #18

Some predictions for 2018. In no particular order…

2018: a year of reckoning from Forrester

Five innovations that will change our lives in five years from IBM

Separating hype from reality in marketing, data and technology from Edelman Digital

Predictions for journalism in 2018 from Nieman Lab

Key trends in digital for 2018 from Ogilvy

A future forecast for 2018 on technology, media and design from R/GA

8 ‘overly confident and mostly pessimistic predictions for 2018 from The Atlantic

And finally… some ‘entirely serious’ predictions from Wired


Cut outs #17

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Innovation: The value of Networks vs. Nodes

Automotive: How autonomous vehicles will change the insurance industry and analytics can help automotive firms find profits in the after sale and service markets

With the trend in bank branch closures continuing, how can branch networks be reimagined for the digital era?

Practical uses for Blockchain: Where and how can it be applied?

Taking risks and accepting failure: important ingredients for successful leadership through digital change

YouTube to launch paid music streaming service in 2018?

Market Trends: Early Stage and Seed Investment markets cooling off?