Digital Content in Financial Services

If you work in financial services, Ernst & Young released a study this week about the state of Corporate Banking which identified some interesting trends.

In particular it indicates the growing importance of the strength and quality of the relationship between service providers and client in maintaining and growing the business. It also emphasises the importance of personalisation and pro-activity to clients – demonstrated for me by the value placed on “Innovation” by survey respondents.

Given some of the macro economic factors that the survey suggests are influencing clients at the moment I suspect many of the themes here are consistent across the financial services sector. They probably even percolate through to shape consumer attitudes as well.

Especially in a corporate and business-to-business context, this raises some interesting questions about the role social technologies can play in helping service providers nurture better relationships with clients. For service providers that follow a relationship-based business model, social technologies give client relationship managers and consultants the opportunity to share content through their own networks, increasing its consumption.

This may mean evolving content strategy to create content segmented into “bite-sized” portions that are easy to share. But by doing so it enables the service provider to be much more personal and proactive in the way it use digital channels to nurture relationships.

My colleague David Armano points to a solution in his post of Responsive Marketing – using digital platforms to create a more responsive, proactive and personalised experience for customers.


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