Disruptive Technologies

The McKinsey Global Institute published a report recently that describes the technologies it believes will disrupt life, business and the global economy over the next decade.

10 years is a long time in technology, so the predictions make bold reading. The report also highlights the importance of skills and training in a changing environment:

One clear message: the nature of work is changing. Technologies such as advanced robots and knowledge work automation tools move companies further to a future of leaner, more productive operations, but also far more technologically advanced operations. The need for high-level technical skills will only grow, even on the assembly line. Companies will need to find ways to get the workforce they need, by engaging with policy makers and their communities to shape secondary and tertiary education and by investing in talent development and training; the half-life of skills is shrinking, and companies may need to get back into the training business to keep their corporate skills fresh.

The report is well worth reading and gives a very good overview of changes we can expect to see unfold over the next few years.

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