Cut outs #3

“Embracing Digital Technology” – a new study by A study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting, explores how social media, mobile and other technologies can be combined to change customer relationships, operations and the business model. (Sloan Review)

A culture of innovation is critical to successful digital change. Ray Sheen (Harvard Business Review) explores how to find innovation in existing business processes and Don Mroz (Wired) examines how to reinvigorate innovation efforts when the organisational culture is stagnant. Recognising small wins and spotting subtle changes that can have a major impact for a product or process matter to both.

If there’s one place where change and innovation is happening it’s of course the media. The Guardian’s Katherine Viner gives an excellent perspective on what this means for journalism; Doc Searls for advertising and Edelman’s Dave Armano for content creation. Read them together – the contrasts and comparisons you can draw are fascinating.

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