Cut outs #21

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The most innovative startups in the World? The World Economic Forum thinks so.

How to deliver Agile at Scale. A nice perspective on some of the challenges and considerations for applying Agile in a large organisation.

And staying on the Agile theme… How Agile methodology can help in turnaround situations.

Expanding into new territories: Lyft buys largest bike sharing company in the US.

What it takes to manage innovation: an in-depth study from CapGemini.

Few industries are experiencing as much change as retail at the moment. Here’s a round-up of the factors shaping the industry.



Cut outs #20

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The State of AI: An extensive study on where we’re at, led by the founder of Songkick and a Venture Partner from Point Nine Capital.

Being human: How realistic do we want robots to be?

We learn the most when things go wrong: corporate innovation and 132 of the greatest product failures

Bad behaviour in the Platform Economy: what does it mean and why does it matter

Creative tension: why too much team harmony can kill creativity

Why your attitude is more important than your intelligence

Big names, big ideas: The Creative Leaders 50